Smartphones with 64-bit SoCs are already here, and someday they’ll almost certainly outnumber phones built around 32-bit components. But between now and then there’s a huge gap, and it’s one that manufacturers have been slow to cross. Apple may have its 64-bit SoCs in full swing, but companies like Qualcomm have been taking their time; the firm announced basic 64-bit chips last year, and even some higher-end ones this year, but we’ve yet to see them make their way into phones (at least, finished models). Now a newly leaked roadmap attempts to spell out what’s next for the company, including future chips and some sense of when those already-confirmed models might show up in commercial hardware.

Compared to earlier timetables, it looks like Qualcomm might have hit some small delays; for instance, we were initially expecting the 64-bit Snapdragon 410 to start becoming available to OEMs in the first half of the year, before arriving in new phones and tablets during the second half. This new leak shows manufacturer-sampling only really getting underway closer to the year’s mid-point, so those finished devices could be landing more like sometime in Q4, if at all this year.

Up next, the 610 and 615 should start hitting manufacturers closer to fall, while the top-of-the-line 808 and 810 wouldn’t be available until early 2015. Again, that’s a little later than we were expecting, but only by a few months. Unfortunately, this may mean that phones based around these chips won’t be ready in time for CES/MWC 2015.

snapdragon-roadmap-1_1 snapdragon-roadmap-2_1
Source: Weibo
Via: phoneArena

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