Quad-Core HTC Edge Receives a Name Change

This one’s purely for phone geeks: according to a trusted source, HTC has taken the unusual move of changing the codename of its upcoming flagship, quad-core handset from HTC Edge to HTC Endeavor. As far as we know, this is a somewhat unprecedented decision on the part of the Taiwanese company, as the codename is still used internally long after retail branding has been established; that’s especially helpful when you’re a global organization selling the same phone under different names in different countries — everyone knows that a Status is the same as a ChaChaCha.

We were not privy to the motivation behind the name change, although we suspect it had something to do with Edge/Endeavor being fully detailed so far ahead of its planned launch (likely a Mobile World Congress debut next month). Like any B2C organization, HTC wants to build up some buzz for its products prior to their introduction, but not so far ahead of time that its ability to operate in secrecy is hindered.

Edge, with a quad-core Tegra 3 pushing a next-generation “optically-laminated” 720p display, should start rolling out globally in early spring, possibly under the retail name “Supreme.”

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