Let’s talk iPhone audio once again. Because the headphone jack just wasn’t enough.

Through NowhereElse.fr, we see this example of what is said to be an Italian-manufactured accessory case for the iPhone 7. Two things strike out in this design: number one, the four speakers adorning each corner of the device and; number two, the rearranged ports for the camera equipment on the back.

It’s amazing how both changes make way for the other in the slightest of ways. That vertically-aligned port layout is similar to the one found on the iPad Pro and would be better suited than a horizontal layout to tuck in an extra audio driver in that corner. You’ll also recall that the iPad Pro has four speakers to boast of.


Then again, when you look at previous rumors going against this idea of multiple speakers, there’s got to be doubt somewhere. Furthermore, with the idea of three iPhone 7 models out this year with both Plus and a so-called “Pro” model likely getting dual-camera modules, you’d think that this single-camera hole case knocks this ball out of Sensical Park. After all, there are things Apple might prioritize over saving space for the empty chambers needed to make quad speakers happen.

Still, this material’s out there. It’s up to you what you make of it and it’s up to Apple to ultimately confirm or deny this in September.

Source: NowhereElse.fr (Google Translate)
Via: 9to5Mac

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