New Project Ara competitor aims for 2015 launch

It seems as if modular phones are the next big sector to explode in mobile. Just recently, we heard the moonshot idea proposed by Phonebloks, that perhaps instead of switching phones so often we could just swap out parts in our current phones. After all, certain things like the display, casing, and camera you might not want to upgrade from generation to generation, thus saving money and resources. In that vain, Project Ara came into existence, and after that a few startups decided to work on their own takes on it. Enter Puzzlephone, the latest of the Project Ara competitors to come into existence.

The Puzzlephone affords customizability in three parts of the handset: the Brain (for parts such as the camera; basically where the power-packing parts lie), the Spine (for things like the speakers and display), and the appropriately-named Heart (where you’ll find the thing that makes it all happen, the battery).

Initially, the Puzzlephone will run a forked version of Android, and it’s unclear if this will be including Google Play services. In the future, platforms like Windows Phone and Firefox OS aren’t out of consideration, but iOS won’t ever be a possibility for obvious reasons.

The Puzzlephone hopes to launch in the second half of 2015.

Source: Puzzlephone
Via: PhoneArena

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