Purpose of dual cameras detailed in leaked ad which confirms The All New HTC One moniker

The purpose of dual cameras on the upcoming HTC One has been a topic of debate ever since we first heard the rumors, and seen the leaks depicting the imaging system and arrangement on the back. Some were betting on 3D, while others, including us, were convinced that HTC will try to improve on overall image quality as well as focus. A leaked ad, seen below, details the purpose of dual cameras, while at the same time confirming The All New HTC One denomination of the upcoming 2014 flagship.

Apparently, the main raison d’être of the secondary camera is to choose focus. Nokia (and, more recently, others, like Samsung, Sony, and LG), have managed to get Lytro (light field)-like effects on their phones by shooting a sequence of stills at different focus settings; upon saving, the user was able to set focus manually, and the respective picture from the set was used. HTC could, with two cameras, set two different focus settings upon a single shutter release. Two stills would generate four different focus settings, so the entire process could be faster.

Another usage scenario described by the ad is the creation of soft background for shallow depth of field, with the help of the secondary camera, while certain “3D” effects can also be achieved (though the HTC EVO 3D — and its variants — didn’t manage to generate the buzz HTC, and other OEMs — like LG with its Optimus 3D — were hoping for back in the day 3D was the buzzword). Check out the leaked ad below!

purpose of dual cameras

Source: GSMArena

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