Purported Samsung Galaxy S III Picture Unveils 4.8-Inch Screen?

There were mixed reports concerning the screen size of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagship. Some talked about a possible 4.65-inch display while others reported on a 4.8-inch screen (of course, given that there will only be one device to be unveiled on May 3 in London).

According to the image above, the phone, which is allegedly the upcoming Galaxy S II refresh, measures 130mm. Same report claims that the screen on the device is a rather big one, measuring 4.8-inches, slightly larger than its direct competitor, the HTC One X and its 4.7-inch screen.

A couple of notes: since the ruler is aligned with the bottom of the phone and the zero marker is somewhat above that, we believe the phone is 135mm tall. In our calculations below we will take the excess 5mm into consideration. We believe the calculation of the 4.8-inch diagonal is somewhat right. Using the ruler above the phone you’ll find that the screen is around 10.5 cm tall by substracting 1.2 cm — distance from bottom to the screen — from 11.7 cm — distance from the top to the screen. Given a 16/9 aspect ratio we can calculate that the screen is around 5.9 cm wide. From here we can calculate that the diagonal is around 12 cm, which translates to 4.74 inches — just about the same size as the One X. Please note, again, that this calculation is based on the ruler in the image above. Thanks Pythagoras for your theorem!

There are no more details but the picture seems to confirm the hardware Home Button we’ve seen in previous leaks (and a render based on the leaked service manual). If the previous device picture we’ve seen is of any indication then there should be two capacitive buttons to the left and the right of the Home Button.

Source: KnowYourMobile

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