Purported iPad Mini Case Hints No Rear Camera, Steve Jobs Receptive At 7-Inch Tablet Idea

The Asus-made Google Nexus 7 is missing a main (rear) camera even though the main board has an empty slot for it. Whether it is because of cost reduction (alone or it can be coupled with the idea that cameras on tablets aren’t a must-have feature), it appears to be a fact and, according to some purported iPad Mini back cover pictures, the new Apple mini slate will be missing a rear shooter too.

There were mixed reports about the case of the iPad Mini: some implied that there will indeed be a rear camera and some, just like this, hint to the opposite. Of course, you need to file this under the “R” category but if you come to think of it, the seven-inch tablet market has been totally changed (and in a dramatic way) since the Nexus 7. Apple might as well try to keep the costs down by omitting the rear shooter.

On a related note, everybody was kind of convinced that the late Steve Jobs was against a seven-inch form factor (and this was one of the arguments that were brought up with many occasions by those that thought a seven-incher from Apple is not possible). With the occasion of Scott Forstall’s testimony, he has been shown an e-mail from Eddy Cue, where Cue forwarded a journalist’s report on ditching the iPad for a seven-inch Samsung tablet.

Cue said: “Having used a Samsung Galaxy [Tab], I tend to agree with many of the comments below… I believe there will be a 7-inch market and we should do one. I expressed this to Steve several times since Thanksgiving and he seemed very receptive the last time”. Could the controversial iPad Mini have the late Steve Jobs’ blessing?

Source:, The Verge
Via: MacRumors

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