Just last night we were thinking about that supposedly-canceled next-gen Microsoft Windows Phone handset that would have introduced a new “3D Touch” user interface, the smartphone codenamed McLaren. Some of that UI stuff might end up living on in Windows 10, but what of the hardware itself? Well, like we said, there have been pretty adamant rumors claiming that McLaren has been scrapped, with Microsoft moving on to other things. But even if the phone as a commercial product’s not happening, images of a purported prototype have already leaked, revealing a very Lumia-1020-looking design – one that’s been unofficially dubbed the Lumia 1030. Whether you believe there’s a chance of this guy ever launching or not, today we’ve got a new flood of pics detailing the hardware we first looked at last week.

The new images depict a handset that looks to be a perfect match to those earlier pics, but these new shots are both more numerous and of appreciably higher quality; every little prototype marking, and even minor details like the SIM tray are clearly featured in these shots. And just for the sake of scale (this is a big ol’ phone, after all), we’ve got an iPhone 6 to refer to for comparison.

This particular hardware may never see the light of day, but we’re still optimistic that one day we’ll get a worthy Lumia 1020 successor with a big PureView camera like we have here. For the complete set of prototype pictures, hit up the source link below.

mclaren-4 mclaren-3 mclaren-1

Source: CNbeta (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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