When it comes to new content in PUBG, they usually trickle down from the game’s PC version and then arrive on PUBG Mobile. But things are changing now. The PUBG Mobile v0.19.0 update brings an all-new map called Livik that is yet to appear on the core PUBG game for PC and consoles.

The Nordic-themed Livik map measures 2km × 2km and introduces shorter 15-minute battle royale matches with only 52 players, promising more fast-paced combat action. The map is still in the beta stage, but gameplay and stability improvements will arrive steadily to enhance the experience.

PUBG Mobile’s new map introduces exclusive items such as the P90 SMG, MK 12 marksman rifle, and a monster truck among other new items. The update also brings a Spark the Flame-themed game mode, The Ancient Secret mode, and a tonne of gameplay changes that you can read about in detail in the official patch notes here.

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