Just hours after being released yesterday, in San Francisco, the new iPad is welcomed with a call for a ban in China. Proview, a Chinese company that claims to own the iPad trademark – the legal dispute was recently taken to US Courts – warned local vendors not to sell the new tablet, or else they’ll face legal actions. This is what they wrote: “Now we solemnly inform vendors and dealers (including e-distributorships) of Apple iPads (including the iPad 3) in China that they should immediately stop all infringing activities such as warehousing, transportation, mailing, concealing, etc. Any above activities shall be deemed as a deliberate infringement and we will, without prior notice, take the most severe measures possible to hold the infringers responsible for any legal liability, including but not limited to administrative, civil and criminal liabilities. You are hereby informed!”

To make everything more complicated, creditors of the bankrupt Chinese company also joined the party, by claiming that it is them, and not even Proview, who own the iPad trademark and that the Chinese didn’t have the right to sell it to Apple. A representative of the creditors, including the state-owned Bank of China, recently stated that Proview owes $180 million to them and asked Apple to pay $400 million, in order to buy the trademark for the iPad.

The new iPad will be available from March 16 in Hong Kong and shortly after, in the rest of China, but in the light of these new developments, the life of the new iPad in the Far East will not be easy, should Chinese retailers answer Proview’s call for a ban.

Source: ChinaDaily

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