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Project Emerald: T-Mobile Keeps Sidekick Brand for Android HTC Sidekick Twist

By Chuong Nguyen May 18, 2010, 12:00 am

For a twist on things—while Microsoft is ditching the Sidekick brand after it had acquired parent company Danger and has since launched the KIN Windows Phone on Verizon Wireless as a Sidekick replacement with social networking integration, T-Mobile is re-making the Sidekick into a consumer-oriented Android smartphone. The myTouch Slide, an Android handset made by HTC with a sliding keyboard and a modified HTC Sense experience was seen by many industry watchers as a natural extension of the Sidekick line, but T-Mobile and HTC is said to be more explicit with the Sidekick mark with the HTC Sidekick Twist for the carrier.


The new device is said to be part of the Project Emerald plan that T-Mobile is working on, which was originally believed to be a Nexus One-like device. According to TmoNews, the Sidekick Twist, or Project Emerald—however you want to call it, will have these specs: Android 2.1, a 1 GHz Processor (Snapdragon?), with a front facing Camera, a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, and 16 GB onboard storage. It is also believed that the HTC Expresso Sense UI that appeared on the myTouch Slide will also make it to the HTC Sidekick Twist.

We'll have to see how Sidekick owners will react to the new device. There is no mention of a keyboard on this device and Sidekick owners have become accustomed to the keyboard of past Sidekick models.

With these advanced specs, including fast processor and a large screen that is of equal size to the T-Mobile HTC HD2 and the Sprint HTC EVO 4g, the Sidekick Twist can appeal both to consumers and to high-end users considering it sports the Android operating system.

If these rumors are to true, HTC will be the third manufacturer to join the Sidekick family—the original Sidekick maker was Sharp and Motorola was the second company to make a Sidekick model for the franchise.

(via: Android and Me)


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