Chinese manufacturer ZTE has triggered a poll for its community-backed Project CSX. Three ideas for what kind of mobile product the company would manufacture and sell in 2017 were chosen and concept designs were solicited for this second round of voting.

What we got were the “Final Five” concepts for five different products. They include the original ideas — an eye-tracking, self-adhesive phone; a powerglove; and a VR diving headset — and a couple of other ones, too.

One is actually a set of four intelligent flip covers for a future phone. They include an E Ink cover to allow for a more power-efficient display to shuttle notifications, display eBooks or even mirror the OS on-board. There’s also a slide-out gamepad cover, a cover to embed a stylus and a PC docking cover. The second new idea? The ZTE Axon R. It’s literally a ZTE Axon 7 with stock Android and a few tweaks like better camera performance.

Voting goes through October 19. As of this post, the stock Android flagship phone has 49 percent of the vote while the eye-tracking, self-adhesive phone has 44 percent.

Source: ZTE
Via: MobileSyrup

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