The urge to modify anything that we think we can make better with some ease is within all of us. We wouldn’t blame any of you for following YouTube’s favorite do-it-yourselfer (or is it doer-it-yourself?), JerryRigEverything on his journey to fix up his (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 with a black facade instead of the native white one.

Just watch your warranty and make sure you can accept playing with “higher-risk Legos.”

With that, a brief summary: the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 comes with a white facade. Many people, including the personality behind the channel Zack Nelson, would feel better looking at the device with a black facade.

With a few dollars in supplies, a little physical “git’r done” and know-how, Nelson came up with a mostly-black face for the modbox — since Touch ID sensors are fickle things that won’t work when transplanted to different logic boards, that little bit has to sacrificed for the fake of functionality.

Mister @superscientific Danny Winget came in with the clutch dig into switching up the logic boards to keep the black home button where it should belong.

Y’all go beast mode out there now.

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