We can all agree that one of the constantly present things in our lives, over the past many years, was WiFi. Whether at home, at the office, or in public places, we have been heavily relying on WiFi for our internet needs, especially in the days where data wasn’t unlimited. However, with the deployment and adoption of 5G, with it insane speeds, companies are considering ditching WiFi and going the 5G way instead.

This is particularly true for large companies where a lot of people are connecting to the hotspots. According to MIT Technology Review, one of the companies considering 5G over WiFi is Audi. The car-maker has been reportedly testing 5G for its robots since summer. If all goes smoothly, the company might completely replace WiFi with private 5G networks.

Other notable companies are BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen. They are also allegedly interested in 5G, as well as manufacturing, oil, gas and chemical companies. The benefits of 5G over WiFi are many, and clear, but the cost of adoption and deployment will probably keep smaller companies away in the near future. Network operators across the world have already started implementing (and some, deploying) 5G, with a broad adoption expected in 2020.

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