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Privacy Screen could allow only an Apple Glass user to view content on an iPhone’s display

By Nadeem Sarwar July 16, 2020, 10:57 pm

When it comes to viewing content on a screen such as iPhone or iPad, there’s always a concern that someone might be peeping from around the corner, which is why solutions such as a polarized screen exist. As per a patent filed by Apple, the company aims to tackle that privacy issue by relying on AR using the upcoming Apple Glass.

The gist is if you are wearing the Apple Glass, your iPad’s screen is projected on the display of your wearable device, and you can even interact with it using gestures in the same way you would while using the iPhone or iPad on its own. However, the iPhone or iPad you’re using with the ‘Privacy Screen’ feature enabled via your Apple Glass will appear like a blank slate to others.

Here’s how Apple’s patent application filed before the US PTO and titled Privacy Screen describes the feature:

“In some embodiments, a method includes: at a first device coupled with a first display and an image sensor: receiving output data from a second device having a second display different from the first display, where the output data represents content displayable by the second device on the second display; determining, using the image sensor, a position of the second display relative to the first device; and causing the first display to display content based on the output data received from the second device and the determined position of the second display relative to the first device.”

But this is just a patent application and multiple embodiment or variations of how it can be implemented are described, so the final execution might differ.

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