The price for the iPhone Xr has dropped by $100 in Japanese carriers

iPhone sales are not doing so great lately, and Apple has been thinking of ways to fix this. Some rumors had stated that Apple was going to retake the production of the iPhone X and that it was going to reduce the prices of the iPhone Xr in some markets to increase sale numbers. Now, it seems that some of these rumors have turned out true, and the Xr has started to see its price go down.

Apple is helping Japanese carriers with subsidies to make iPhone sales improve. The first sigh of this comes to the iPhone Xr on carrier NTT Docomo that takes out $100 from the devices original price. This obviously comes with conditions, since you have to get the smartphone on a 24-month contract plan. Now we only have to wait and see if Apple is going to take similar actions in other markets around the world.

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