We could find more pressure sensitive navigation in future Samsung devices

Samsung is trying to find more ways to make its smartphones more appealing. This time we could say that inspiration could’ve come from a certain Taiwanese company’s pressure sensitive frame, well kind of.

Samsung has plans to give more pressure sensitive functions to its displays. According to a patent application published today, we could soon squeeze our Galaxy devices to activate more functions. This could be an evolution of Samsung’s Electronic Device And Method Of Controlling the Electronic Device Based On Touch Input. We have seen this in the Galaxy S8 and S9 with its pressure sensitive home key, but now there’s more in mind. Different levels of pressure would give different outcomes. Like giving us the possibility of eliminating physical buttons and incorporate these in the screen like volume controls, a power key and it would even give us a squeeze function when pressed on both sides of the screen.

The main difference between this concept and HTC’s Edge Sense is that Samsung would incorporate these pressure sensitive sensors in the display, probably on the edges of their Infinity Displays instead of the frame. Let’s just keep in mind that this is a patent and that there are no real reasons to believe they’ll be used.

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