President Trump’s lovehate relationship with Apple, CEO Tim Cook and iPhones in general continues to confuse mobile device enthusiasts, the tech media and even security experts, as the increasingly controversial businessman and politician seems unwilling to give up his inflammatory tweeting habits.

Although trusted sources claimed The Donald-in-chief surrendered his obsolete, unsecured personal Android handset way back in January, presumably receiving instead an encrypted “play phone” like the one Obama used in office, that theory was invalidated just a few days later.

Now, we’re told POTUS 45 has been using his “new iPhone for the past couple of weeks” on Twitter, “reading & tweeting” himself without help from any staffers or social media specialists. What Donald Trump’s Director of Social Media and Senior Advisor Dan Scavino Jr. conveniently neglects to mention is whether this “new iPhone” is protected in any way from prying eyes and ears besides off-the-shelf security measures and features.

Worse yet, after doing a bit of digging around, anyone can see, courtesy of Tweetdeck, that @realDonaldTrump was still occasionally using the Twitter for Android app as recently as March 25. It’s obviously possible this Google-powered device, as well as that mysterious iPhone, are both new products, modified to meet the traditional presidential standards for security and data encryption. It’d be nice though to get some official clarification on the matter once and for all. Maybe even a formal retraction of Trump’s plea for an Apple boycott from back on the campaign trail.

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