Obama administration not happy with Samsung’s silently sponsored selfie?

Samsung has gone through incredible lengths to make its Galaxy line-up popular. Recently we saw how the company sponsored Ellen DeGeneres to make a selfie popular by getting a ton of popular actors involved in the shot, and the company succeeded in making it the most re-tweeted photo in history. Still, you’d think that the sponsorship ends there, and the company was just getting started.

This happened during the White House’s recognition of the Boston Red Sox, where President Obama as asked by David Ortiz if he would mind taking a selfie with him. President Obama accepted, and as Ortiz was about to take the photo with his Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you could hear one of Ortiz’s team makes yelling “cha-ching” in the background. Samsung obviously did its job in re-tweeting this photo as well with the phrase:  “Big Papi’s” use of one of the Galaxy Note 3 handset.”

Today it was made public that Ortiz was sponsored by Samsung. The White House told CBS News correspondent Bill Plante that the President had “no idea” that this was a sponsored photo, and the comment led an understanding that the President was not happy. Then Ortiz said that Samsung didn’t ask him to do this, but obviously the tweet is already out.

Whatever the case may by, Samsung scored, and the rest will be seen in the public eventually as Samsung continues gaining marketing strength.

Source: CBS News
Via: Apple Insider

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