President Obama randomly jumps on Samsung Galaxy Note 7-mocking bandwagon

Just when things looked like they couldn’t possibly get worse for Samsung in the wake of an unprecedented smartphone discontinuation, the world’s most powerful man went where Apple is still too gracious to go.

During an Obacamare-focused speech in Miami on Thursday, the 44th and likely coolest ever President of the United States poked fun at the chaebol out of nowhere, equating his controversial Affordable Care Act with a buggy phone.

And what do you do when your gadget doesn’t work flawlessly out the box? You fix or upgrade it, according to the soon-to-be-replaced POTUS. Unless, of course, it catches fire. But even then, “you don’t go back to using a rotary phone”, or say “you’re repealing smartphones.” The metaphor is a little too on the nose, and Obama would probably go after his political opponents with more subtlety and diplomacy if he wasn’t leaving his job in a few months anyway.

No matter your personal opinions on the President’s policies and health reform though, you have to admit that’s a pretty sick Galaxy Note 7 burn (pun intended). And granted, the company’s name is never explicitly mentioned, but we all know iPhones aren’t the target of public ridiculeyet.

Guess it’s also obvious now that BlackBerry-replacing state-of-the-art “play phone” Mr. Obama is currently forced to use won’t be swapped for a Galaxy S7 anytime soon.

Source: Twitter

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