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Screen envy. We all have it. Or do we? See, that’s the thing, I’m just not so sure. One thing I am sure about is that our phone screens have gotten progressively bigger and bigger over the last few years. The funny thing is, we as a society have taken that ball and run with it, like we just don’t care. But I always thought we did care?

Some time ago, when phones were in the sub-5” range, we used to have a term called “phablet” which described an almost absurdly big phone. The definition varied from person to person. I always considered a phone with a screen 5.5” or bigger to be a phablet. The Galaxy Note fell into that category. The Lumia 1520 certainly did. There are others as well. I was safely ensconced in the 4.5” area at the time with my Lumia 920. What did I know?

Leon’s getting laaaaaaaarrrger

But slowly, phones started topping the 5” mark. I’m not talking about phablets here, I’m talking about normal flagship phones – the Galaxy S4 (barely) and the HTC One (M7) are both good examples of what I mean. But recently, phones have been growing again. Consider both of OnePlus’s offerings and the Moto X 2015 for example. Both of these phones are in “phablet” territory, or at least they are in phablet territory as I had defined it years ago. Is it time for a re-definition?

Personally, I now prefer the 5-inch to 5.2-inch range these days. I think I’ve set my upper limit at 5.5 inches. But it got me to wondering, where exactly do we go from here?

Where does it end?

It seems we have to hit an upper limit at some point. I’m trying not to imagine a future in which we are all carrying about Blu Studio 7.0’s everywhere. Our pockets only have so much room after all. But I’ve always said, “the market dictates what it wants” and the market seems to want big phones. I’m just not sure where we stop getting bigger.

So I wondered what our readers thought. Go ahead and vote down below and let’s see what the market says about our current predicament. Do we all want larger phones? What is your preferred screen size?

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