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WhatsApp recently reduced the message forwarding limit on its platform to curb the spread of coronavirus-related misinformation and even saw positive results after doing so. Moving forward in the same direction, WhatsApp has partnered with Poynter Institute to launch a bot for fact-checking COVID-19 claims and control the spread of false news and rumors.

The WhatsApp bot from Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checkers Network (IFCN) will let users in 70 countries quickly verify a coronavirus-related claim and check if it is true or just a hoax. The bot will rely on a bank of over 4,000 myths debunked by 80 fact-checking organizations from 74 countries across the globe.

Just save +1 (727) 2912606 as a contact or click on this link (http://poy.nu/ifcnbot), send a “hi” text and then follow the on-screen instructions. Users can send a simple keyword or phrase to fact check if there is any COVID-19 misinformation related to it. The chatbot currently has support for English language only, but more languages will soon be added to its database too.

Via: TNW

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