Update: The Washington Post reports that Trump said he will be meeting with U.S. officials in order to ease pressure on Huawei. A formal decision to lift the ban has not been made yet. The Wall Street Journal writes that Trump said the two countries will leave what to do with the company until the end of the negotiations.

In an interesting turn of events United States President Donald Trump, at the ongoing G20 Summit, said that U.S. companies can supply Huawei despite the blacklist imposed upon the company mid-May. Of course, Huawei is still in the extension period until August 19, but Trump said that this applies mostly to products which do not pose a major threat to U.S. national security.

There are plenty of negotiations going on at the Summit, especially between the U.S. and China, and not only over Huawei, so there’s still time for things to change. It is also not clear whether this exemption refers to 5G network infrastructure, or just components, products, and services that Huawei requires for its own products.

What we’ve done in Silicon Valley is incredible and nobody has been able to compete with it, and I’ve agreed to allow them to continue to sell that product (to Huawei) — U.S. President Donald Trump

POTUS also touched on the matter of Huawei being able to sell smartphones in the United States, which, at the moment, for quite some time, it can’t. “We will have to save that to the very end”, he said.

Huawei, while in a difficult situation, reassured its customers that all existing products will continue to get support, and that the ban is referring to future products, for which it is putting the finishing touches on its own operating system, in case it loses access to Android for good.

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