If you live in a country that supports it on the up and up, chances are you’ve taken it for a spin or know somebody who has. Or perhaps you’ve bumped into a horde of hunters and trainers on the street, in your local park or near a lake or something.

But you’ve probably not been able to escape the global Pokémon Go phenomenon outside the US, Australia, New Zealand and Germany either. Sideloading the app did the trick on Androids, albeit with certain risks involved, while iPhone users needed access to an American iTunes account to get the Poké-party started.

Still, it’s much better and safer to download the AR game from your official local Google Play or Apple App Store, which is now possible in the UK too. Go and catch’em all, our EU-hating readers and friends!

The responsibility lies heavy on the shoulders of new Pikachu seekers, as Pokémon Go looks destined for greatness. Already, it’s regarded as the “biggest US mobile game ever”, surpassing the rumored peak daily active user count of Candy Crush Saga. It’s only a matter of time until it does the same worldwide, and after beating Twitter and Tinder, Niantic’s free-to-play title will chase Snapchat and Google Maps on Android stateside. Impressive!

Sources: The Verge, Survey Monkey

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