How many of you can still hum that annoying overworld theme from Pokemon GO, even with months of separation from last use?

If that was a big reason why you decided to desert one of Nintendo’s first flash mobile hits, good news: version 0.55.0 of the Android app and 1.25.0 for iOS now allow you to play your own music rather than listen to the game’s music. PhoneArena notes that the issue lied with the Unity game engine that stuck with the idea that a prescribed soundtrack would be the only appealing audio experience for mobile users in a game. Nope, not at all.

Unity provided a fix that’s present in these updates, but it reduces the maximum volume of the phone for the duration that you’re in the app. That means that if you max out your volume trying to listen to songs while capturing monsters and then take a call with your headphones, prepare to trigger the volume down button, fast.

Other features include (but not limited to) reduced start sequences for Android users, Pokemon GO Plus connectivity improvements for Android devices and iOS wheelchair support through Apple Watch.

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