Japan is the physical and conceptual homeland of both the Pokémon media franchise and its inhabiting namesake monsters, which makes the country’s exclusion from the slow global rollout of the Pokémon Go phenomenon thus far ironic and regionally painful.

Adding insult to injury, the augmented reality mobile game’s beta was made exclusively available in the “land of the rising sun” back in March, before spreading to Australia, New Zealand and the US in subsequent months.

But it’s not that Niantic and Nintendo don’t want to release the finished product in the latter’s domestic market. They like Japanese money as much as American dollars, Euros or British pounds, and smartphone users around those parts are rarely put off by in-app purchases.

The cause of the regional delay is fear of server overloading, which has already generated big pains for gamers and developers elsewhere. The excitement further grew as rumors of sponsored McDonald’s gyms flooded the interwebs yesterday, so the decision to postpone Pokémon Go’s Japan expansion came natural.

Still, odds are you only need to wait between a day and a week longer, and the McDonald’s reports have essentially been confirmed. So, yeah, you should soon be able to catch them all in Japan, as well as battle other trainers while nibbling a Big Mac.

Source: TechCrunch

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