Mobile and wrist gaming appears to be one of the recurring themes of Apple’s ongoing iPhone 7 announcement event, with Pokemon Go on its way to the “iWatch” presumably around the same time Mario will be debuting on iOS handhelds. Boy, this Nintendo alliance is sure paying massive dividends.

The first-gen Apple Watch, as well as its sequel, will let you capture Poke-monsters directly from your wrist, not needing the synched-up iPhone to be whipped out of the pocket and interfere with your workout.

By the way, Pokemon Go hunts will be logged as actual physical activity (which it is) by Apple Watches, and egg hatches are also shown on the wearable’s screen.

In other Apple Watch-related news, Cupertino insisted on reminding us watchOS 3 was recently unveiled, with instant favorite app loading, easier watch face switching, quick message replies, a new Dock, 911 feature, stickers, and a “Breathe” app to help you relax from time to time. The timepiece is of course the world’s top-selling smartwatch, and the second best-selling watch brand after Rolex.

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