We’ve used the Pocophone, but all we have are Pixel 3 XL leaks | #PNWeekly 319

Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your Pixel 3 XL phones out there. Now that you’ve bought one, what do you-wait, hang on. You mean to say that they haven’t gone on sale yet? Then why the hell does everyone in the world have one except us!? Gosh, we’re so thirsty.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s up to its old DSLR tricks again while new renders of one of its future phones surface. Will this year’s iPhones hurt next year’s? Is a Nokia phone the best one you can get out there? All these questions may or may not be answered, but we’ll definitely tell you about a Xiaomi phone you should be watching out for on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly!

Watch the YouTube video recorded at 1:00pm Eastern on August 23rd or check out the high-quality audio version right here or through Apple, Google, our RSS and wherever you get your podcasts. Talk back live while you’re watching the show on Twitter with #PNWeekly and shoot feedback to the hosts at [email protected]!


Joshua Vergara

Anton D. Nagy

Brandon Mininan

Executive Producer

Jules Wang


  • Pixel 3 XL: Is it already on sale and we just don’t know it?
  • Huawei + DSLR: Are we wrong to not accept ad trickery?
  • Mate 20: So, how do these renders look to you?
  • 2019 iPhones: When you win, you win, when you lose…?
  • Nokia 7 Plus: Is this actually the best smartphone of the year?

Pocophone F1

Josh and Jules both have first impressions of Xiaomi’s new Pocophone F1 which just launched in India and will soon spread across Eurasia. Read Jules’s piece here, watch Josh’s video here and let us know if you’ve got any questions on what this phone’s about via #PNWeekly!

And finally…

What’s one email you wish you could take back?

See you soon!

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