When you’re just four days out from the new year, you know it’s time to whip your head over your shoulder and give a longing look at what you’ve been through before you close the door. We do it all the time since we’re nostalgia freaks, but especially this week.

We have today our top three wearable picks of 2015. While all of them are smartwatches (as opposed to, say, VR wear or fitness bracelets), the ones we chose are quite disparate in the look-and-feel department as well as software. And it’s not that we’re recommending these devices for you to buy right the heck now: it’s just these were the ones that struck us as the best-made, best-intentioned and best-suited smartwatches from the past 12 months.

So, without any waffling whatsoever, let us list off Pocketnow’s Best Wearables of 2015!

3. Apple Watch


We have to say that Apple was very late to the punch in this market. The company played catch-up to both Google and this little upstart called Pebble. And whenever you heard “iWatch” or “Apple Watch Edition,” half the time you’d see investment analysts’ wildest dreams on white papers. After all, since 2007, everything in mobile tech’s been nothing without the Apple bump, right?

Well, shave away the cynicism and the overclocked hype and you’ve got a very decent material presence and, because of Apple’s clout, the app ecosystem to back the software up. The Apple Watch has caught up with the crew and then some — its following iterations are expected to lead the way for the years to come.

2. LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane

Doesn’t it suck now that we have to say “No, not the canceled one“? Sorry, cynicism’s back again.

LG kept up the counter on its Android Wear showcase, releasing this thick and luxurious beaut early this year. So thick and luxurious that people will definitely be asking about it once they see it, be it at the bar when that detailed display lights up or poolside, showing off the water-resistance of the thing.

The software is still not up to what we’d like it to be, but it’s most polished and has some wings to spread.

1.  Samsung Gear S2

Gear S2 hands on 3

This year’s batch of Gears have proven very interesting. By “interesting,” we mean that Samsung has allowed us to use the word “knurled” this year.

After the chunky Gear S bangle last year, we have a more elegant footprint, a rotating bezel, the option for some “classic” fanciness and/or the same great cell-connectivity you can elect to buy into.

Now, depending on who you ask, Tizen OS may be a bit overbearing without being terribly useful or it can hold some very needed usefulness when you’re really in a pinch. And it looks pretty good doing what you want it to do and getting there too. Especially with that bezel.

Taking the package as a whole, that’s the neat thing about the Gear S2: you don’t look as stupid fussing around your smartwatch as you would with Android Wear and watchOS — let’s face it, muddling around the screen and twisting the crown on the Apple Watch is kinda weird looking. And the smartwatch itself is just plain handsome.


If we haven’t made it obvious yet, we have reviews on all. Three. Watches. And again, we’re not saying that everything else can go to the bin, especially with how this painting with wide brushes works — everyone is an individual and each have their own needs and wants.

So, if you have any alternates you want to give us, you can do so down below.

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