The Pocketnow Weekly is Stitcher’s Best Technology Podcast of 2013!

“‘New beginnings in print beget new beginnings in podcasts.’ We’re not sure who said that. In fact, we might’ve just made that up right here, on the spot. And that’s the kind of seat-of-the-pants action you’re going to get every week on our new podcast, the Pocketnow Weekly.”

That’s the opening graph of the post that kicked off our audio-only podcast back in July of 2012. Today, 81 episodes of “seat-of-the-pants action” later, we’ve been lucky enough to amass a following of thousands of loyal listeners each week – listeners who’ve heeded our call to action in a big way, by voting the Pocketnow Weekly Best Technology Podcast in the 2013 Stitcher Awards!

To be honest, I’m very surprised. While we work very hard to bring you the best show we can each week, with a team of just nine editors Pocketnow is a pretty small outfit – and our podcast corps is smaller still. Every episode you hear is put together by a team of no more than three on-mic hosts and one editor (yours truly), taking on average about five hours to create.

"Labor of love" is a cliché, but it's applicable.

“Labor of love” is a cliché, but it’s applicable.

By contrast, the podcasts nominated alongside us (The Vergecast, NetHeads, What The Tech, TWIT’s This Week in Tech, and How Stuff Works: Tech Stuff) are some of the best in the business, backed up by outlets much larger than we. A few were even the inspiration for the Pocketnow Weekly’s creation! So it was humbling even to find ourselves in the running with these luminaries; we extend our congratulations to them on their nominations, and look forward to their continuing excellence going forward. If you haven’t listened to their shows, you should.


We also extend thanks to the team at Stitcher, who have put together one of the finest podcast-streaming apps available and backed it up with a contest celebrating the best of what this medium has to offer. I first used Stitcher on a Palm Pre nearly five years ago, and it’s been my preferred podcast app ever since.

Most of all, we owe our deepest thanks to you, the Pocketnow Weekly listeners. In addition to tuning in for the show each week both here and on YouTube, your reviews have propelled us to five-star ratings on Stitcher, iTunes, and elsewhere, while your insightful listener mail routinely keeps us debating your points well past our episode-ending deadlines. And when we ask you to vote for something, boy … ya’ll come out in force! On behalf of the entire Pocketnow team, I offer my sincere thanks – along with the hope that you’ll continue tuning in for each new episode.

For those who’ve never heard our award-winning podcast™, our most recent episode sits below for your listening pleasure, and download links are available here. Enjoy, thanks again, and as always – we’ll see you next week!

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