Coming Thursday: Pocketnow Weekly 081 with special guest Ryan Negri

When we started the Pocketnow Weekly podcast back in July of 2012 (a summer that feels much longer ago than the actual 80-week figure would suggest), it bore little resemblance to its current incarnation. There was no list of handy time codes; the music was built on an aggressive electric-guitar riff that now sounds impossibly cheesy; and subtopics like the “thought thread” and “two-minute debate segment” divided the podcast into rigidly regimented sectors of tech talk. Most importantly, the Weekly back then was headed up by a strictly defined team of Brandon Miniman, Anton D. Nagy, and myself. There were rarely guest hosts, and when there were, they came from Pocketnow’s own ranks.

Of all the changes that have molded the show since then, perhaps none has made a more lasting impact on the quality of our discussions than the shift in our guest policy. From Marques Brownlee of MKBHD to Brad Molen of Engadget and Stefan Constantinescu of AndroidBeat and beyond, the people who’ve devoted their time to guesting on the Pocketnow Weekly have given us the best gift an editorial team could ask for: fresh perspective.

And now it’s time to broaden that perspective by welcoming a guest whose origin lies not just outside of Pocketnow, but outside of the tech press entirely. Our guest this week may be a household name to some of you, but not because he brings you the smartphone and tablet news – rather, he brings you the devices themselves.

pocketnow weekly ryan negri

Please tune in on Thursday, January 30, as Ryan Negri, founder & former CEO of Negri Electronics joins us for episode 081 of the Pocketnow Weekly! We’ll be discussing what it’s like to run a wireless retailer you’ve built from the ground up, how competition and carrier relationships affect the business of selling smartphones, and the world of high-end mobile technology in general. (We’ll also probably be talking cars, if Anton D. Nagy and Taylor Martin have anything to say about it.) And, we’ll be putting your questions to Ryan if you’ve got ’em; submit to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com before noon Eastern on Thursday and you could hear them read on the air!

Never heard of the Pocketnow Weekly? Not to worry: last week’s podcast is embedded below for your listening pleasure.

See you Thursday!


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