The Pocketnow Weekly podcast is a labor of love for those of us who routinely grace its silvery sound waves. It takes a lot of effort and time to put the Weekly on the feeds every seven days, and we’re pretty proud of the listenership we’ve accrued since re-launching our podcast presence lo those many months ago. Since that reboot, the podcast has grown in scope and in refinement: we’ve added such luxuries as topic lists, time codes with jump points, and a rotating cast of co-hosts – but we’ve never tweaked the YouTube presence of the Weekly. For eight months, listeners taking in our dulcet tones via the video-sharing site have been treated only to the blank blue wall of our podcast logo.

Today, we’d like to introduce an experiment to change that up a little. Though the Weekly logo still spends a fair amount of time before viewer eyeballs -especially during Listener Mail- we’ve sprinkled still shots from events, product photos, and hands-on videos across the podcast. They’re muted so they don’t interfere with the podcast audio and they’re placed (in theory) at contextually relevant positions across the broadcast. Hopefully, this will spice up the experience of “viewing” the podcast on YouTube, if only slightly. Sorry, mp3-only listeners: you’re still stuck with disembodied voices from the darkness. At least they’re sexy.

We’re not sure how long this experiment will continue; as mentioned above, it takes a lot of time to whip this up. If you have feelings one way or the other about these enhancements, please comment either on the post at Pocketnow or on YouTube – we’ll see them either way.

In the meantime, tune in to hear Michael Fisher, Jaime Rivera, and Taylor Martin talk Galaxy S 4 vs HTC One, Ultrapixels vs megapixels, Pandora vs Spotify, and so much more mobile content we just don’t have the time to outline. Plus, listener mail! Hooray!

So put on your space goggles and click off the safety on your frap-ray blaster: this week’s shipment of the Pocketnow Weekly isn’t gonna run your eardrum blockade without your backup. Send feedback, questions, and requests to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus to stay apprised of the latest episodes. Thanks for listening!

Pocketnow Weekly Episode 036

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Recording Date




Michael Fisher

Jaime Rivera

Taylor Martin


Topic List


Announcements (00:02:09)

Our social media identities have changed!

Reminder: Pocketnow Live tomorrow!


Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 (00:05:03)

Pandora for Windows Phone 8 Hands On

Nokia Lumia 920 – After The Buzz (redux)

Nokia Solar Charging Rumors Spring Up Again


Android (00:20:28)

Pocketnow Live Editorial Roundtable: Xperia Z vs One vs Galaxy S 4

The Problem with Smartphone Launches

The Galaxy S 4 Did / Didn’t Make the HTC One Obsolete

Multiple Motorola Codenames Uncovered

Build Your Own Smartphone: Long Overdue


iOS (01:03:29)

iOS 6.1.3 Doesn’t Fix Unlock Bug

Google Seems to Confirm Now for iOS


Listener Mail (01:06:04)

King asks about waterproof phones; Neo asks about supersized smartphones; Alex and Jon inquire after ultrapixels.


Thanks for listening!

Tune in next week for more!


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