Pocketnow Weekly 074: new Google Play devices and Windows Phone rumors galore

Sometimes there’s so much news you need to call in the Reserves just to handle it all, and that’s just what we’ve done this week. Between Google’s surprise announcement of an unlikely pair of additions to the Google Play Store; Microsoft’s rumored offer to pay Samsung to keep making Windows Phones; and a boatload of reviews, we’re in over our heads this week – so we’ve brought in four team members to do the news justice.

Sorry, no listener mail this week – but in its place you get a consolation prize: you get to know what curious fate befell that Lumia 2520 we were tinkering with a while back! So whether you’re here to absorb our thoughts on the Moto G, hear us debate the future of Windows 8, or get ears-on time with the hundreds of massive trucks that apparently drive by Jaime Rivera’s new office all day long, you’re in the right place. Lean your chair back and slip on that sleeping visor (unless you’re driving!), because episode 074 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast is here to transport you to a dreamworld of techno-magic.

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Pocketnow Weekly Episode 074

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Michael Fisher

Taylor Martin

Stephen Schenck

Jaime Rivera


Podcast Rundown


Announcements (00:02:06)


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Pocketnow VIP 004: meet Mark from SoldierKnowsBest!

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Android (00:12:06)

New Google Play devices launch: LG G Pad 8.3, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Nexus 7 in white

Moto G Review: raising the bar for affordable Android phones

LG G2 Mini could be the largest “mini” phone yet

Galaxy S 4 Active gets Snapdragon 800 upgrade

Google killing off Gallery, pushing users to Photos and Google+

HTC convinces court to grant stay on One mini sales injunction

Spotify confirms free-for-mobile plans


Windows (01:04:05)

Nokia Lumia 1520 review: big buttery badness

Nokia makes lemonade out of Samsung’s lemons with great PR move

5.2-inch Nokia Lumia rumored to be in the works

Windows Phone rumors get ambitious

Will Microsoft pay for Samsung’s attention?

Could Microsoft eliminate licensing fees?

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