Update: Apologies for Phil Nickinson’s audio from Hangouts in the first few minutes. But it gets better, so hang on for our first two hour podcast in a long time! And, as you might guess with this update, the HQ audio podcast has been distributed. Our next podcast will likely be on Wednesday, so tune in then!

For those of us in the US, the LG G4 is the last big flagship smartphone launch before the fall, so you better believe we’re milking it. We talked LG G4 first impressions with Florence Ion, Joshua Vergara and Dom Esposito from a boat last week, and while today’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast may lack the nautical theme, it’s got just as much guest-star power. Joining us for episode 147 are Android Central’s Phil Nickinson and Mobile Geeks’ Nicole Scott to help us dissect LG’s curvy leather wonder in an on-air LG G4 review!

Of course that’s not all we’re bringing to the table: the Galaxy Note 5 is gonna be a thing come September, and the first rumors are floating to the surface right about on schedule. Add to that a bezel-free ZTE phone, BlackBerry’s return to T-Mobile and the usual happy-sad Windows Phone speculation, and you’ve got yourself a helluva podcast. And it could all turn towards the Apple Watch in a heartbeat. Or 74.

Pocketnow Weekly 147 is back from the body shop with a fresh coat of paint covering up a whole lot of Bondo, so let’s put the key in the ignition and see if we can’t get this motor runnin’. Watch the video broadcast recorded at 12:30pm Eastern on May 8 (click here for your local time), or check out the high-quality audio version here. And don’t forget to shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!

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Gadgets in Hand: LG G4 Review Roundtable



LG G4 Review Conclusion 

It’s been the talk of the broadcast for four weeks running, but we’ve finally got LG G4 review devices in hand, an LG G4 review posted, and we’re ready to take your questions live on the air! If you’re watching the show live, use the Q&A function in Google Hangouts to submit your most burning questions and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Context: LG G4 review (Pocketnow) | LG G4 hub (Android Central) | LG G4 hands-on (Mobile Geeks)

More: LG opens entries for free US LG G4 trial programLG G4c leak claims to reveal specs and price




galaxy note 4 vs galaxy s5


Galaxy Note 5 rumors suggest different direction for Edge version

Galaxy S6 shipping with different camera sensors

Xperia Z4 Compact coming later this month?

Bezel-less ZTE Nubia Z9 announced with touch-sensitive frame

Massive leak uncovers the LG Lancet Windows Phone for Verizon

T-Mobile warms back up to BlackBerry, welcoming Classic into its stores

New source weighs in on Microsoft Lumia flagship rumors (but don’t expect them to run Windows 10 this summer)



Android could finally be getting back a la carte app permissions

Qualcomm exec discusses “rubbish” Snapdragon 810 overheating rumors

Google I/O schedule teases voice-controlled apps, Nearby proximity service


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