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Round smartwatches, roundly terrifying TOS agreements, and roundtable smartphone discussion: ’round here, it doesn’t take much more than that to get a mobile podcast together, and –assuming the Hangouts gods will it– we’ll be proving it to you in less than four hours.

On today’s episode, we’re returning to a new favorite in the segments list, plumbing the depths of the podcast inbox to let you know what phone you should buy. We’ll also tell you who won last week’s smartphone giveaway and surprise you with a new one, and we’ll pass the mic over to guest Stefan Constantinescu so he can take a shift on the newsdesk, sharing the hottest tabs of the week from TabDump. And somewhere in there, we’ll find the time to answer your listener mail as well. Because a) ya’ll write pretty letters, and b) we’re courteous like that.

If that’s the kind of podcast that Ec/s your Io, then the Pocketnow Weekly is the show for you! Join us live on the air today at 2pm Eastern (click here for your own local time) for Pocketnow Weekly 107, and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com if you just can’t bear to wait for the Q&A. See you then!


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August 1, 2014



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Podcast Rundown





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Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE giveaway: we have (another) winner!

Pocketnow’s $1000 Google Play giveaway

The evolution of the smartphone

Amazon Fire Phone review








Facebook Messenger is the only way to keep chatting (and how much privacy are/aren’t you sacrificing for it?)

OnePlus Onewatch leaks with circular screen, sapphire crystal

HTC’s new J Butterfly is the waterproof One M8 you’ve always wanted

HTC Windows Phone One M8 pops up in certification database?

Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

Cortana keeps getting smarter: new questions supported


Top Tabs From TabDump



A special segment featuring the best tabs of the week from our friends at the world’s most minimalistic news destination.


July 28: Tab 08: Free WiFi: If you have six and a half minutes to
spare, and you want to scare the living bejesus out of yourself, watch
this BBC video on free WiFi. You’ll be amazed at just what sort of
information companies can gather simply by you walking around a store
or even a city. 

July 28: Tab 12: Keys: Did you know that there are apps that can copy
any key? You take a bunch of photos of a key, send them to a service
like KeyMe or KeysDuplicated, and then they’ll send you a perfect
copy. Read this Wired article and feel the hair on the back of your
neck stand up. 

July 30: Tab 09: Google: The Information (paywall) has corroborated a
rumor previously published by Android Police: There will be a new
Nexus phone this year, made by Motorola, with a large (potentially 5.9
inch) screen. The Information also says the Android Silver program
(flagship phones running stock Android) may have been killed since the
guy who was in charge of the project, Nikesh Arora, left Google.

July 31: Tab 10: Facebook: They’re giving people in Zambia free
internet access to a select number of websites: Facebook (of course),
Google, Wikipedia, AccuWeather, various job hunting websites, and a
local website meant to inform people about AIDS/HIV. Note: If this
happened in America, net neutrality people would explode in anger.
When this happens in an emerging market, however, it’s seen as
progress. Just presenting both sides of the coin.

August 01: Tab 07: They’re spending a lot of money ($100 million) to
make sure they can saturate your internet connection (when downloading
the latest Justin Bieber album).


What Phone Should I Buy?



A segment about making up your mind, featuring the most commonly-asked question from the podcast inbox. 


Avishai Shvinesteiner

I have T-Mobile and I am ready for a new phone. I cant decide between the IPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, One M8, or the G Flex. Can you give me a recommendation?


Coach Carter

I am a first time smartphone buyer: should I wait for the one plus one invite or get a lumia 1520/1020?

1 thing im worried about each phone
1020: age
1520: size
One Plus One: availability

Ecosystem doesn’t matter to me.

Thanks and have a nice day


Harsha Chandrashekar


Listener Mail



E-mailed submissions from Rex CosmosDylan Colliss, and Christopher Creveling




It may just sound like a ringtone to you, but our transition music track (“Radiation”) is a real song, from a real album, by a real artist: Ali Spagnola. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali’s website here, visit her YouTube page here, and follow her on Twitter here!

Thanks for listening! See you next week!


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