Lumia 1525, Sony’s Selfie Phone, LG G3 vs Xperia Z2, and much more | Pocketnow Weekly 104 (Hangout)

Updated with time codes, download links, and the contest winner’s name! Thanks to all who participated in our giveaway contest; stay tuned for another one next week as Pocketnow’s month of giveaways rolls on!

If there’s one thing we’re about, it’s devices. And from Sony’s new “Selfie Phone” to the new Android Wear-ables to the rumors of new Droids, a new Lumia 1525, a back-from-the-dead Surface Mini and the lingering possibility of the Nexus 8, we’ve got no shortage of hardware talk on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly: the podcast that leaves the broad implications to others, so we can zoom in on the specifics.

In the spirit of said specifics, we’ll get to the nitty gritty of the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live in this week’s “Gadgets in Hand” segment, taking your questions live on the air. Our three-man party will also address what seems to be the most popular topic of the week in our Listener Mail inbox: LG G3 vs Sony Xperia Z2. And we’ll field questions ranging from hypothetical gadgets to the future Android-vs-Windows Phone low-end slugfest when we take your Listener Mail!

Sound like fun? We thought so too. Join us live on the air at 2pm Eastern (click here for your own local time) for Pocketnow Weekly 104, and shoot questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com if you just can’t bear to wait for the Q&A. See you then!

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July 10, 2014



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The Pocketnow Weekly is brought to you by Swappa, a marketplace for buying and selling gently used, fully functional mobile devices. Pay them a visit, and tell ’em Pocketnow sent you!





Our Z2 giveaway gets a winner as Pocketnow’s Month of Giveaways rolls on! Please join us in congratulating Manish Gohil, proud owner of the dbrand-skinned Pocketnow-edition Xperia Z2 pictured above!

A rainstorm of reviews: Oppo, Pressy, LD West, Galaxy S5 Prime and a Lumia 1520 re-review.

Android Wear reviews forthcoming: check out this week’s Gadgets-in-Hand below, and submit your Q&As now!

Learn something: Joe Levi teaches you how to get “OK Google” everywhere on your phone.






Trio of new Nokia phones rumored for late summer

Lumia 1525 rumors land as Surface Mini could be nearing launch

Sony launches Xperia C3 smartphone in an effort to spice up your selfies

Did OnePlus kill the One’s popularity with its launch model?

Could Nexus 8 confirmation really come this easily?

Google voice search learns to take corrections

LG G Watch gets its first custom ROM


Gadgets in Hand


g watch vs gear live thumb

Our Android Wear watches came in this week, and we’re ready to answer all your questions surrounding the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch! Use the Q and A feature of the Hangout to submit your burning queries about either, both, or the platform itself!


What Phone Should I Buy?


xperia z2 camera

lg g3 nexus 6 2

A segment about slaying indecision. On this installment: Saim Hasan, Simon Agi, and Mihajlo Duric all ask a variation on the same question: should I buy the LG G3 or the Sony Xperia Z2?


Listener Mail



E-mailed submissions from John Kurokawa, Malte EngelerDominic London, Ed Modlin, and Stephen Colbert!




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Thanks for watching! See you next week!


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