Smartphone giveaway, MKBHD, and talking heads on video: join us Friday for the all-new Pocketnow Weekly!

After 100 episodes of an award-winning mobile technology podcast done in the tried-and-true audio-only format, we think it’s about time to change things up. That’s what we’re up to this coming Friday, June 20, as we kick off the all new Pocketnow Weekly in style: with Google Hangouts, special guest Marques Brownlee, and a smartphone giveaway best described as huge (in more ways than one).

Fret not, loyal listeners: we’re not abandoning the best of the Pocketnow Weekly with our switch to video. Our streams and feeds will be unaffected –you’ll still be able to tune in to the audio portion of the show at all the same web destinations– and the podcast roster will continue sporting the same hosts you’ve come to know and love/loathe. The jump to video just means those who opt to watch us live will be able to see us as we pontificate on pocket-sized portables, as well as submit questions via Google’s handy Q & A app.

If you’re thinking that sounds an awful lot like the Pocketnow Live and Editorial Roundtable, you’re not wrong. But in addition to all the benefits of a live show, we’ll also have new segments to spice up our podcast: everything from guest spots to “defend your editorial” debates to a resurrection of the Pocketnow U-Review and Pocketnow Roundup, and much more!

Never heard the podcast before? Tune in to episode 100 to get a glimpse of what you’ve been missing:


So come join in the fun this Friday, June 20th at 2pm Eastern (1800 GMT). We’ll share the show rundown in the morning and invite you to watch live in the afternoon – and if you want to get a jump on the Q&A, you can send email to the same address as ever: podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com. As with any new show, we’re expecting a few bumps as we adapt to our new format … but with a lineup including some big smartphone giveaways and the talisman of good Google fortune that is MKBHD, we think we’ll make it through.

See you Friday!

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