Pocketnow Weekly 061: iPhone 5S & 5C, and the new Android and WP8 phablets

There’s one fewer Romanian on this week’s podcast, and we’re no longer hovering over a precarious microphone stand made of empty shoeboxes and trash cans in a European hotel room – but that doesn’t mean this latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly is lacking in charm. On the contrary, we’ve called in a silver-tongued devil from Honduras and a smooth-talking geocacher from middle America to provide two very different perspectives on some very high-visibility smartphones.

That’s right: it’s Apple week. That special time of year where iOS makes its way to the top of our rundown and instigates debates that try friendships, incite rage in commenters, and fill Cupertino’s coffers. It’s time for Pocketnow’s semi-annual iPhone podcast.

But if you don’t care about the new iPhone 5s and 5c, fear not: there’s a whole treasure trove of Android and Windows Phone news on the other side of the Apple divide, including some LG G2, HTC One Max, and Nokia Lumia 1520 discussion that’s sure to get your hardware glands salivating.

If that sounds like the kind of podcast you’re into, and you’re also a fan of extended bouts of listener mail ranging from carrying-case discussion to speculation on just what the future holds for Microsoft’s mobile platform, well, you’ve found the right place. So pull the pins out of your ejection seat and lock down the canopy: your three-man flight team of Jaime, Adam, and Michael are ready to catapult you into the stratosphere with yet another installment of the Pocketnow Weekly mobile-technology podcast. Send feedback, questions, and requests to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Google Plus to stay apprised of the latest episodes. Tell your friends about the show so we don’t have to do a telethon to stay on the air. Join our forums to offer topic suggestions and more. And thanks for listening!

Pocketnow Weekly Episode 061


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Michael Fisher

Jaime Rivera

Adam Doud


Topic List


Misc (00:00:00)

See all our IFA 2013 coverage here!


iOS (00:08:20)

Our thoughts on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

iOS 7 GM walkthrough

A Windows Phone fan’s view of the new iPhone

iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner yields called “terrible”


Android (00:43:22)

HTC next to release a golden smartphone?

HTC One Max pops up in test shots

LG G2 vs HTC One

LG G2 double-unboxing

Nexus 5 pics spotted at FCC?


Windows Phone (01:03:34)

Nokia Lumia 1520 coming Sept 26th?

Nokia Lumia 1520 tipped to have a big ‘ol battery

Additional Nokia Sirius tablet details get rumored

Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia makes it less likable

Microsoft developing Cortana as its new voice assistant


Listener Mail (01:19:03)

Martin Floren asks why more people aren’t maligning the iPhone 5C’s cheese-cutter casing; Jace Crozon has another case question, this time regarding the iPhone 5S; Russell Fletcher wants to know how Apple will soften the blow to those users accustomed to non-pastel versions of iOS; and Christopher Drummer asks just how much more customizable Windows Phone is likely to get.


Thanks for listening!

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