At Pocketnow, we have a responsibility to try the new, the fresh, and the weird – and that latter swamp is exactly the one Managing Editor Anton D. Nagy waded into with his recent review of the ASUS Fonepad – the tablet with an earpiece. Or the phone with a tablet screen. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve covered it – and Tony has some thoughts about using a seven-inch smartphone in this edition of one of your favorite tech podcasts.

After we clear the giant-phone convo, we’ve got more to say. Lots more. And, doubtless to the relief of thousands, very little of it involves Samsung’s latest flagship. The Snapdragon 800 keeps threatening to show its head, possibly in the form of a new Sprint smartphone from LG, and with the Galaxy S 4 release now behind us, our thoughts are turning back to the horizon, to the forthcoming launch of the Galaxy Note 3 and Motorola’s mysterious X Phone. All the while, shareholders are in a tizzy over at Nokia despite the company’s impending (and hilariously well-leaked) launch of the Lumia 928, and the future of Windows Phone 8 seems as cloudy as ever – but perhaps not so cloudy as BlackBerry 10’s.

We cover all that, plus a record four pieces of listener mail, in today’s show. So rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard; the chicken in the bread-pan called the Pocketnow Weekly is ready to peck out some dough. Send feedback, questions, and requests to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus to stay apprised of the latest episodes. Thanks for listening!

Pocketnow Weekly Episode 043


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Michael Fisher

Anton D. Nagy

Taylor Martin


Topic List


Thought Thread (00:01:13)

Thoughts on toting a giganto-phone: Anton’s followup to his ASUS Fonepad Review


Android (00:10:32)

What Does The Galaxy Note 3 Need To Avoid Being A Disappointment?

LG LS980: A Snapdragon Mystery

Motorola’s X Phone Is Still Just A Rumor, and I’m Already Let Down


Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 (00:48:25)

Nokia Lumia 928 Landing Page Spotted; Print Ad Goes Live

Lumia 928 vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III Camera Comparison

Shareholders Vents Frustration Over Elop’s Nokia Leadership

Next Surface Model Could Be Smaller, Cheaper, Not Arrive Till 2014

YouTube for Windows Phone Sees Major Update


BlackBerry (01:17:10)

BB R10 Goes Up Against Q10 In Leaked Pics


Listener Mail (01:25:48)

Randy Muth asks if he’s petty for sending a phone back to Sprint; Daniel Baldioceda needs a QWERTY-packing touchscreen phone for his sister; Jelle Loman wants to know how many Pocketnow editors are full-timers; and Dushyant Shrikhande asks whether the real innovation in mobile now comes from the smaller outfits.


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