Pocketnow PocketCast: Episode 10

In the 10th episode of the Pocketnow Podcast we talk about whether Google recently dropped a hint about the next verson of Android, the Windows Phone 7 updates, a possible new connector for iOS devices, a keyboard-less WebOS phone, the Motorola Droid X2 rumors, the upcoming HTC Pyramid/Sensation, the release date for the T-Mobile G2x and the Sidekick 4G, and the BlackBerry Bold Touch. We finish up by answering your Twitter questions.


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About The Author
Brandon Miniman
Brandon is a graduate from the Villanova School of Business, located near Philadelphia, PA. He's been a technology writer since 2002, and, in 2005, became Editor-in-Chief of Pocketnow, a then Windows Mobile-focused website. He has since helped to transition Pocketnow into a top-tier smartphone and tablet publication. He's so obsessed with technology that he once entered a candle store and asked if they had a "new electronics" scent. They didn't.