Pocketnow Live kicked off twenty Fridays ago. We can’t even believe it ourselves that we’re at the twentieth installment of a show that is highly popular not only among our viewers, readers, audience in general, but also among members of the team.

Episode 20 is also the Season Finale. We’re wrapping up Season One with the team that kicked it off. Worry not, we’re not only planning on Season Two, but thinking way ahead. So, before we take a break from the Live, let’s have a great casual conversation one more time.

Plenty of things going on, from the Galaxy Mega and HP TouchPad Go review to the BlackBerry Q10 unboxing, Apple’s WWDC event, Samsung’s upcoming London event, Nokia’s upcoming New York event, and lots more.

This is our main topic, but, as usual, we can talk about anything that crosses your mind, mobile-related or not.  Join us today, Friday, June 14, 2:00 PM EDT (click for your own time zone) for a casual, one-hour-thirty conversation, where you can interact with Pocketnow editors, for one last time, this Pocketnow Live season.


Your hosts


Note: Link for the hangout will be made public on this post as well as on all our social channels five minutes before start: TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

If you can’t join us but still would like to say hi, you can send us an e-mail to live [at] pocketnow [dot] com.


Live broadcast

Live broadcast of Pocketnow Live will appear here. Recording will remain within this post.

Join the hangout using this link!

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