Pocketnow Live S02E02: HTC One Max leaks, Nexus 5 expectations, Nokia and Apple events


There have been a lot of HTC One Max leaks recently, and, we’re expecting even more in the upcoming days, leading up to HTC’s event next week. The Taiwanese phone maker is expected to unveil its first phablet. Recent rumors are also mentioning the Nexus 5; we’ve heard reports of pricing, as well as different battery sizes, and, more recently, rumor has it that Google will be holding an event earlier than expected, as soon as next week.

Nokia started teasing its October 22 event quite some time ago, and we’ve heard we might see not one, not two, but as much as half a dozen new devices. Are the Finns releasing everything they have before the Microsoft deal comes in effect? Apple might steal Nokia’s thunder though, with rumors mentioning a possible iPad event scheduled for the same day, October 22. However, even if it would be the case, Nokia’s event will be the first one to happen, half a day after a purported Apple iPad event.

That, right there, is what we’ll talk about, in the second episode of Pocketnow Live’s Season 2. Of course, we can talk about other things too, since, you know, this is the place where we can really talk about anything.

Join us today, Friday, October 11, 10:00 AM EDT (click for your own time zone) for a casual, one-hour-and-a-bit conversation, where you can interact with Pocketnow editors, as usual, every week, from now on.


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