Pocketnow Live, Ep. 4: Live From Barcelona

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest, most impressive and (hopefully) interesting of all mobile-related shows throughout the year, Mobile World Congress, is about to kick off and we’re here in Barcelona, Spain, to tell you all about it. And, since it’s Friday again (yay!), we couldn’t just skip an episode of our Live show, regardless of proper star alignment (or lack of it).

However, since we’re on a slightly different time zone than usual, just for this time, we’ll do a tiny modification to our schedule. Mark your calendars for today, Friday, February 21, 3:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT / 9:00 PM CET) and join the Pocketnow team for you weekly dose of casual conversation about anything, really.

So, with that, we’re looking forward to spending some quality time with you guys (and hopefully gals).

Update: The Hangout is over, but you can check out everything that went down in the recording below:

Your hosts today:

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