Pocketnow Insider: Taylor’s top Android and iOS apps

Both Google Play and Apple’s App Store are home to over one million applications each. While that’s nothing to complain about, it does make new application discovery tricky, and it makes finding the best applications out there somewhat difficult.

Over the years, however, I’ve managed to hone in on the best applications around, and I’ve come to rely on many. Each time I setup a new device, there are dozens of applications I feel I must download. But of those dozens, only a handful are applications I can no longer go without.

In the below video, I briefly detail my must-have applications. Check it out, and tell us what your top apps for Android and/or iOS are in the comments below!


Action Launcher Pro | Clipper+ | Timely | DashClock Widget | Pocket | Hangouts | Feedly | Buffer


bitly | Tweetbot 3 | IFTTT | Fantastical 2 | Pocket | Hangouts | Feedly | Buffer

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