Updated December 9: The Nexus 6 has been dropped from the Google Store.

Step back from the food court, I repeat, step back from the food court. Move away from the deals. Seriously, though, you might be on a sales safari come this weekend or a cyber chase on Monday. If you’re the type of person to give away phones and smartwatches for the holidays, though, it helps to actually consider what you’re getting and how it fits the person you’re getting it for.

Like a sommelier does with wine, we’re given you our suggestions on what phones to look for when you’re talking about your dorky cousin Jane or your stylish uncle Jebidiah. Well, at least we cover a few personality tropes here. There’s also the one-size-fits-all of mobile tech this year that you’ll see if you get to scrolling! So why are you still reading this blurb!?


We’re focusing on GSM unlocked phones where applicable. All of the following prices are current as of this post and in US Dollars.


iPhone 6s Plus Review Performance

Because of course we’re putting this on the list.

Apple is expecting a record holiday boost from not the introduction of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but from the rush of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales because of the $100 discounts each model now have. It’s a generational sales model that the company thinks plays to the admitted similarities of the two phones.

Whether or not you’re looking to the extra 3D Touch features of the “s” generation or the already great package that last year’s models provide, both are currently ranking well in sales. But the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are current best-sellers at many traditional retailers and Apple, willing to cannibalize itself to beat the market, may want those phones to remain in those positions.

Device Best deal Other deals
iPhone 6s (16GB) Apple ($649) Newegg ($799) / Best Buy (cell-contract deals)
iPhone 6s Plus (16GB) Apple ($749) Newegg ($960) / Best Buy (cell-contract deals)
iPhone 6 (16GB) Apple ($549) Newegg ($625) / Best Buy (cell-contract deals) / eBay ($415 refurbished)
iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) Newegg ($625) Apple ($649) / Best Buy (cell-contract deals) / eBay ($540 64GB refurbished)



This year’s Motorola phones are an especially fun group to give to friends and family. Both the Moto X Pure Edition and the more affordable Moto G can be customized with Moto Maker. All you have to do is ask what colors your peeps like.

Remember that if you’re going with a reseller, you’re not getting Moto Maker and with that, the wood and leather material options. Also. the Moto X is designed to work with all four major US carriers while the Moto G only works with GSM carriers. With more money comes more choices.

We’re also including the Moto E if you’re really pinching your pocket linings and also the Motorola-made Nexus 6 as the year-old device should be long relevant to Google’s software team two years after even this point in time.

Device Best deal Conditions Other deals
Moto X Pure Edition (base) Motorola ($400) Moto Maker Amazon
Moto G (base) Amazon ($176) No Moto Maker Motorola ($180)
Moto E Motorola ($150) LTE version Amazon ($90 – 3G / $10 cheaper than Motorola)
Nexus 6 (US – 32GB) Amazon ($325) White Motorola ($500) / eBay ($300 refurbished)


Nexus 5X Fingerprint Scanner

The LG V10 seems to be the LG G4 “Pro” of the year with some more armor, more tech and more lovin’. As it has recently debuted, we likely won’t be seeing even a hint of a discount from resellers. But we probably might see some good price cuts on the G4 and the G Flex 2 as well.

Remember that LG also made this year’s Nexus 5X and it looks to be driving a hard bargain for a pure Android experience.

Look out for further accessory deals, too.

Device Best deal Conditions Other deals
V10 Amazon ($653) No US LTE and warranty Expansys ($660 – dual-SIM)
Nexus 5X Google ($379)
G4 (32GB) Amazon ($415) Several leather options at price with others at higher price eBay ($450)
G Flex 2 (32GB AT&T) eBay ($290) Only model with adequate T-Mobile support Amazon ($290)


HTC phones

It’s the company that we hate to love because there’s so much struggling going on. But even with that going on, it’s still one of the more generous companies with its Hot Deals. Still, with the One A9 being a recent release and a promotional price that’s long gone, we might not see it come down from its current $500 price point. That’s why we’ve included the One M9 for your consideration (but not all the other permutations as those don’t seem to have proper LTE support in the US).

If you’re thinking of secretly converting your iPhone friends into Android geeks just getting your  a great metallic phone with simple and fast software, HTC’s your go-to.

Device Best deal Conditions Other deals
One A9 HTC ($500)
One M9 eBay ($350) New but open box Amazon ($405 – no warranty)


BlackBerry Priv QWERTY keyboard

Hyped up on the Priv? Sure you are. It’s just not getting a discount, at least for the foreseeable shopping season. But the BlackBerry Passport is still available at heavily reduced prices for any BB OS 10 supporters out there. Perhaps you could fork Android onto it if you are Privy to modernity. But it’s a great device by itself.

BlackBerry fans and security hawks, you know who you are.

Device Best deal Conditions Other deals
Priv BlackBerry ($699) Next shipments in December for all sources B&H / Amazon / Best Buy
Passport (32GB) Target ($470) B&H ($499)



A new pair of flagships are on the way for many Windows Phone fans turned Windows 10 Mobile fans. You’ll be able to see them in stores starting November 26 going forward and for the internet hoppers, more shipments are coming soon. But it’s coming out at this time of year full-price, no promotional deals just yet.

Device Best deal Conditions Other deals
Lumia 950 B&H ($550) International dual-SIM / US LTE support / coming December 15 Microsoft ($598)
Lumia 950 XL B&H ($630) International dual-SIM / US LTE support / coming December 15 Microsoft ($649)


S6 and Note5

They say it’s the most popular smartphone brand in the world, at least by shipments. Unfortunately, most of those phones are mid-ranger types. We’ve had a long enough separation period since the launch of the Galaxy S6 variants and the Note 5 to see some savings throughout the season. If you want to get the best of Samsung in 2015, now might be the time to do so.

Device Best deal Other deals
Galaxy Note 5 (32GB) ValueBasket ($615) eBay ($636 dual-SIM) / B&H ($650)
Galaxy S6 edge+ (32GB) eBay ($657) Amazon ($659) /  ValueBasket ($667)
Galaxy S6 edge (32GB) Target ($540 Green Emerald) Amazon ($588)
Galaxy S6 (32GB)  eBay ($441) B&H ($480)



If you last bought a tablet back in 2010 and still want a tablet today, it’s probably high time to buy something new. Even though we’re dealing with tidewater-paced changes, that’s not to say that tablets haven’t sharpened up their software game. That’s where it most matters and hint, it involves multitasking. You can see that we’ve chosen a couple of older oddballs to try and up the bang-for-buck variable for you. You’ll likely be happy with getting those tablets if you’re on the three to five year upgrade path anyways.

All of the following tablet deals are for the base models.

Device Best Deal Conditions Other deals
Apple iPad Air 2 B&H ($478) Saturday sales stoppage applies Apple
Apple iPad Mini 3 Best Buy ($405) Apple
HTC Nexus 9 Amazon ($400) 32GB model HTC ($399 for 16GB)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0" ValueBasket ($348) Best Buy ($400)
Amazon Fire 7" Amazon ($50) Buy 5 get 1 free


smartwatch lineup android wear pebble gear fit

The wearable tech market is growing, at least so the analysts say. Might as well make those predictions come true. It’s not going to be likely that your friend that seemingly has everything will have a smartwatch just yet, even after a year since the debut of Android Wear, several months after the debut of the Apple Watch and a couple of long Pebble skips.

But if we’re still going to treat the smartwatch as an accessory, we might as well trot down the price range. After all, it’s fine if you’re getting a band or watch for yourself if you know what you’re getting into, but will a recipient take full advantage of such a gadget?

We hope they will.

Apple Watch Sport – $349

Huawei Watch – $350

Moto 360 2nd Gen. – $300

Samsung Gear S2 – $250

Pebble Time Round – $200

Moto 360 – $150

Pebble Time – $130

ASUS ZenWatch 2 – $129

Power Accessories


We all have our needs, right? Even if you pride yourself an energy sipper or have a very enduring phone, you never know what you might come across that will leave you literally powerless. Fortunately, the market’s saturated with solutions in many different forms from the trunk of your car (really) to the depths of your back pocket. We’ve chosen a few good deals we found.

HALO Bolt Portable Charger (57.7Ah) & Car Jump Starter w/ LED Floodlight – $110

Lumsing Grand Series A1 Plus Portable Battery Charger (13.4Ah) – $18.99 with Pocketnow promotion code

HALO Pocket Power Bank (5.5Ah) – $18 (US Only)

mophie juice pack Air for iPhone 6/6s – $99

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