After the Buzz
In After the Buzz, we take another look at mobile devices after the shine wears off, “re-reviewing” them to see how they’ve held up since the honeymoon period. This recurring video show is hosted by various editors on the Pocketnow team.
The Brutally Honest Question Corner
The Brutally Honest Question Corner editorial series not only asks those questions that others might avoid, but it also provides the answers that not everyone wants to hear. This polarizing editorial series is written by Michael Fisher.
The Pocketnow Daily
This video series is a daily recap of the hottest news that happens in mobile. In the span of a few minutes, it covers everything significant from the day’s smartphone, phablet and tablet news, so that you don’t miss a beat. The show is hosted by Jaime Rivera.
The Pocketnow Weekly
Formerly known as the Pocketnow PocketCast, this once-a-week radio show is where the team goes to talk all things mobile. Michael Fisher hosts the podcast, where he’s usually joined by Editor-in-Chief Brandon Miniman and Managing Editor Anton D. Nagy.
Pocketnow Live
This show is all about you, our reader! Airing live every Friday at 2p EST, Live is a Hangout where we sit down in a casual atmosphere to talk about anything with you. Managing Editor Anton D. Nagy hosts the show as different Pocketnow Editors join weekly, to interact with you.
Empty Nest
A written offshoot of the After The Buzz series, this is a column exploring what we miss most about a particular mobile device once we send it back after the review period ends. This editorial series is written by Michael Fisher.
Worst Ever
With Worst Ever, we recall some of mobile technology’s biggest blunders, acknowledging what the original intent was, and taking lessons from failures in execution. The recurring video series is hosted by several Pocketnow editors.
Pocketnow Insider
The Pocketnow Insider is a new show we’d like to bring to you frequently to provide some additional context of how we do what we do. We’ll have behind the scenes footage of how Editors work both in normal circumstances as well as while covering shows.
The Android Guy Weekly
This weekly video series covers everything necessary to help Android users hone their smartphone and tablet experience. Tips, tricks, tweaks, hacks, mods- they’re all here. The series, hosted by Joe Levi, concluded on August 14, 2012.
Android Power User
This educational program aims at explaining all the core features and concepts of the Android operating system. Upon “graduating” (by watching every episode) you’ll be well on your way to becoming a true power-user. The series, hosted by Joe Levi, concluded on November 7, 2012.