Pocketnow Dream Phones is a new series where Pocketnow.com editors get to work with a professional artist to design our own dream phones. You’ve seen the PN1 here, now take a look at the PN2!

Form Factor:

Most new smartphones these days are pretty much the same. They’re just big touch screens on a flat rectangular piece of plastic and usually their styling is mostly black with a little bit of metallic accent. Black and chrome looks great and all, but how about something different? I want a phone body that changes colors by itself and fits into my hand like a glove.

PN2 2 Small

The PN2 has an asymmetric ergonomic design that makes it feel great in your hand. And since the device is fairly small and 9mm thick, it doesn’t feel like a brick in your pocket. The oval shape is most unique in the upper right area which houses an optical zoom lens for the 6 megapixel camera. The CMOS sensor, while having a low megapixel count, has a larger surface area which reduces noise and improves image quality. The camera lens is a telescopic 28-135mm equivalent optical lens that will quickly protrude and collapse when entering and exiting the camera application.

PN2 4 Small

Also on the back of the device is a dual LED flash, however the flash is located towards the middle of the device in order to create more distance between the camera lens and the flash. This is important for creating a more natural lighting effect as well as reducing glare and red-eye.

PN2 6 Small

Instead of your average black & chrome color scheme, the PN2 will have a ChromaFlair paint job that uses light refraction and tiny prisms to make the device’s plastic body appear to change colors in the light when viewed from different angles. You may have already seen this type of design in the Touch Diamond Adam Lein Edition.


The PN2 will have all the usual suspects when it comes to internals. A 1.5Ghz processor, 1Gb RAM, 32Gb internal storage, battery life that’s strong enough to last 3 days. One unique feature of the PN2 is the standard conductive charging capability. It will come with a mini magnetic dock similar to the Palm Pre’s Touchstone that will provide power to the device when set down. In addition to charging the battery, the dock will also have data through-put capabilities with both a USB cable for desktop computer connectivity as well as an HDMI port for video out and projector attachments. Of course, the PN2 also has a front facing camera for video calls, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM/UMTS radios, GPS, and HD radio.

PN2 3 Small

As for the screen on the PN2, it’s using a new technology that’s normally used with ruggedized laptops that makes the screen perfectly visible outdoors. Most phones these days are practically impossible to use in direct sunlight. The PN2’s screen has very low reflectivity in order to reduce glare and improve visibility in a wider range of usage scenarios. With the matte-style low-reflectivity screen, you also get the added bonus of a higher resistance to fingerprints. The PN2 uses an ambient light sensor not only to automatically adjust the screen’s brightness when outdoors, but also to increase the contrast which is very important for readability in direct sunlight.

Built-in Headset:

PN2 5 Small

One of the most annoying things about using a smartphone is not being able to see the screen or interact with the device while you’re holding it up to your head talking to someone. Sure you can put speakerphone mode on, but then you’re sharing both sides of your conversation with the whole world (if you can even hear the other person.) In the bottom tip of the PN2 there’s a very small detachable ear-bud-style Bluetooth headset. Removing it will initiate a Bluetooth connection and transfer all audio to the headset so that you can put it in your ear in order to talk to some one while also interacting with the PN2’s screen. The headset’s internal battery will charge while it remains connected with the phone so that you never have to worry about charging a separate device. Since the headset is so small, it also uses an in-ear bone-conduction microphone in combination with an external microphone in order to pick up your voice even in the loudest of environments.

Operating System:

The PN2 runs the latest Windows Phone operating system. Windows Phone 7 is the most cohesive and well-designed mobile operating system we’ve ever seen. The new Windows Phone OS has made a great foundation for integrating with the cloud as well as other devices in the living room and office while maintaining a gorgeous and easy-to-use interface design.

Stay tuned for another edition of Pocketnow Dream Phones, plus a contest where one Pocketnow reader will be able to design his or her dream phone!

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