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Introducing Pocketnow Deals

By Stephen Schenck July 29, 2014, 9:15 am

Over the years, the team here at Pocketnow has endeavored to bring you news on all the latest happenings in mobile tech, opinions about software and services, and reviews of hardware running the gamut from the very budget-priced to top-tier flagship models.

We’ve answered your questions about how to decide on which phone to buy, which carrier’s plans might be right for you, and hopefully exposed you to some options you might not have otherwise considered. But at the end of the day, when you’ve finally made up your mind about how to spend your hard-earned money, we’ve had to send you looking elsewhere to make your purchases, either to carriers themselves, or any of various retailers.

Today we’ve got big news for you, as all that’s starting to change: we’re introducing the Pocketnow Deals online store.

Pocketnow Deals, which we’ve put together with the help of StackSocial, will connect you with some great offers on phones and accessories, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as you’ll also find savings on apps, services like online courses, and even fun stuff we don’t have the opportunity to cover that often on our site itself, like more general consumer electronics.

Which might look something like this, were it a brick-and-mortar store. Also, we’d have a ball pit and free smoothies.

To keep things interesting, new deals will be arriving all the time, and you should expect to find us running a few giveaways, as well. Oh yeah – we’re going all out on this one.

And because we love you regular readers as much as we do, we’ve got a special offer for you to take advantage of: for the next two weeks, you’ll be able to save 10% on your Pocketnow Deals purchase just by using the coupon code “pocketlaunch” when you order.

So please, take a look around and see what we have to offer. Should something catch your eye, you’ve got that coupon code to save yourself a few bucks, and if you run into any problems with your purchase, you can always reach us at [email protected] where we’ll be more than happy to help sort things out.

Update: Confused about international shipping options? Alex from StackSocial weighs-in with answers:

Hey Pocketnow Readers, Alex here from the StackSocial team. We’re really excited to partner with Pocketnow to help bring you deals on accessories, apps, elearning, and cool tech for Android and iOS. For all physical items in the Pocketnow Deals store, it will state in the Terms & Conditions (at the bottom of the sale page) what territories are eligible for shipping. About 50% of the deal ship worldwide, and 50% are limited to the United States. As often as possible, we include free shipping. Have any feedback or questions? Feel free to email me directly: [email protected]. Thanks!

Link: Pocketnow Deals

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