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Pocketnow Daily: #WWDC20: Widgets, Apple Silicon & Why You Should Care! (video)

By Samuel Martinez June 22, 2020, 11:30 pm

Apple’s Home and tvOS are also getting interesting new features

Alright guys, this was going to be a longer video, but it became too long that there are certain things I had to leave out. For example Home updates like logical light diming and cameras now having facial recognition is awesome. TvOS now having picture in picture while you work out and even AirPlay support in 4K is also cool. Heck even Privacy updates giving you a card like nutrition facts, also epic.. But I can’t go into all of this in detail. The description is full of links with everything. Let’s start with one of my favorites which is actually getting AirPods that are getting smarter than they already were. They now switch automatically between your devices, showing a seamless move without you having to do it manually anymore. If you get a phone call, your audio will switch to whatever device you’re taking the call from. There’s also a new spatial audio feature which aims to recreate an authentic surround experience. It does it by using advanced spacial audio algorithms specifically on the AirPods Pro and it works even if you’re only wearing one ear bud. It tracks if your head or your device moves so the audio moves with you. It’ll work with Dolby 5.1, 7.1 and even Dolby Atmos.


Here are all the changes to Apple Watch in WatchOS 7

Now, let’s move on to WatchOS which is getting some very needed updates. According to Apple there’s now over 20K apps on the App Store and there’s finally a way to actually use them more with Complications. For example, if you’re a runner, you can create a full runner watch face with different apps that focus on running and they interact with your Watch Face. You can share these Watch Faces and download third party ones, even from Safari. The WorkOut app is getting some new modes, including Dancing, Core Training, Cool Down, Fundamentals and more. The Maps now bring you cycling directions and suggestions including new shortcuts like take the stairs and it even let’s you know if you have to carry your bike inside where you’re going. The Activity app was renamed to Fitness, and Sleep Tracking is finally here. It let’s you set a time to wind down, go to bed and then choose a soothing alarm or vibrations. It tracks your heart rate and breathing patterns while you sleep and there’s a detailed sleep schedule and tracking app in the new iOS.

Here’s everything we saw today during Apple’s WWDC 2020

Now, even if I would consider iOS 14 to be the hottest news, it is so connected with everything else, that I have to talk about it now. And yeah, I told you calling it iPhoneOS made no sense. It now gets some inspiration from Apple Watch apps and complications to create widgets. You can either have them on the Today view or as part of your home screen. Oh and that Home screen is changing, sort of. Now there’s an App Library that automatically organizes your apps with simple ways to navigate, so no more of those crazy lists of pages unless you want them, and there’s even an easy way to get rid of them, and even sort apps alphabetically, like finally. Picture in Picture finally makes it as well, with ways to resize or throw the video in the background when you need it. Phone calls and even Siri now don’t take up the entire screen and there’s even a new translations app for up to 11 languages. Other apps like Messages now look more like whatsapp for Groups, the App Store now gets clips for easier app discovery through searches and NFC, and don’t worry I won’t bore you with Apple Maps. The one I care about more is Car Play which now has enhanced options for EVs and even a car key feature that’s coming to 2021 models like the new BMW 5 series coming later this year. I’m really excited about iOS 14. More details on the update in the links in the description.

iPadOS 14 brings a universal search bar and a useful sidebar

Now, even if we thought iPadOS , was more of a blend between new iOS 14 features and some enhancements focused on iPad, it’s getting a whole lot better than we thought. Apple plans to achieve this by making more apps that are specifically catered to the iPad. And yeah, the widgets from iOS 14 are also making it here but probably the biggest change is the new sidebar UI. It works with most apps like Photos, Notes and Files and as an example, if you’re in the Photos app, your photos remain in the center of the display while the sidebar let’s you organize them. You can drag and drop a photo into the sidebar and move it into a different category. This feature basically makes apps like Files on an iPad way better and more logical to use. Moving on to Siri, it won’t take all of the screen now along with calls, which will also be presented in cards at the top, letting you answer or swipe to dismiss. iPadOS also getting a new Universal Search feature, which kind of works like Spotlight Search for the Mac where it even serves for web searches. Finally, the Apple Pencil also got some major changes where Apple wants to make handwriting as powerful as typed text. You can now scribble something and get text and it works the same with shapes. You can also select handwritten text and the neural engine will detect if it’s a drawing or text and it’ll allow you to change color and even copy and paste it.

macOS Big Sur: What’s new?

Alright, let’s say hello to MacOS Big Sur, and guys if you’ve never been to Big Sur, add it to your bucket list. There’s a beautiful marathon that happens there every year. Thing is, it looks like macOS, but the hottest news today is all about how it’s not. Visually though there are a ton of design improvements that make it more cohesive with iOS and iPadOS. Apple has a new designer, we get new symbols, depth shading and translucency, and reduced visual complexity for you to focus on work. Buttons are now enhanced only when you call on them, and now we get new sounds. A major change comes to the task bar wich now has specific buttons for Notifications Center and also control center, more like what you see with Samsung DeX. Oh and those same updates to Messages and Apple Maps come to macOS thanks to Mac Catalyst, which makes it easy to port iPad apps to macOS. Safari also saw a major overhaul with Apple now claiming 50% faster speeds than Chrome, a new UI for Safari Extensions, a Customizable start page, Tab UI updates, Seemless translation and more. But guys this is nothing compared to what’s next.

Story of the day:

It’s official. Apple is moving to custom silicon for Macs starting this year

And finally for the hottest news today, let’s talk Apple Silicone. Like wow, All the demos shown today were on a Mac running on the same A12Z processor found in the new iPad Pro. People have praised Apple for their chips for years, but today was the ultimate test as we saw even Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Apps like Lightroom and Photoshop, and also Microsoft Office, running seamlessly on an ARM based chip. This will be a two year transition where Apple even clarified that we will continue to see Intel-based Macs, the thing is we don’t know for how long, but we should see the first ARM-based Mac along side in the fall. To not create a development nightmare Apple created Universal 2, Rosetta 2 and Virtualization options to allow developers to easily create an app that runs both on Apple Silicon and Intel chips. There’s even a special Mac Mini running the A12Z shipping to developers this week to help them port apps. Guys we even saw iPhone apps running natively on a Mac without a hickup, opening a door to any App Store app to run on the Mac, and we’re even wondering what’s there to hold iPads from running MacOS, like seriously


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