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Pocketnow Daily: Would You Buy a Microsoft Surface Duo? (video)

By Samuel Martinez August 12, 2020, 10:00 pm

Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, the LG G8 ThinQ and more devices on sale today

Deals. Amazon currently has the 16in MacBook Pro for $300 off, leaving the Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage for $2100. Now, if you want more storage,Intel Core i9, 1TB variant is actually $350 off, leaving that at $2449. The LG G8 ThinQ is also $100 off, leaving the 128GB variant for $400 shipped. The Galaxy A51 is also $111 off, leaving that at $288 shipped. We have more deals on Samsung QLED TVs, iPads and more in the links in the description.


Google announces a ton of new tools and features to ease online education for everyone

Google now lets you create an online business card. Here’s how to make one for yourself

Google Lens will soon be able to solve math problems from a photo

It seems that Google has been busy as of late, they just launched a phone and now, they’re rolling out a bunch of features, focused on helping you work and study from home. Probably the most basic is the ability to create a business card in the search app. All you have to do it search the term “add me to search”, then you tap Get Started and it will help you create a “People Card” where you can create a public profile that could serve as a business card, kind of like the ones you get with celebrities. But yeah, a for the learning aspect, a couple of months ago they added a feature to the Lens app where it would be able to scan 3D anatomy models and cellular structures. Now, they’re also adding new technology to snap a picture of your study material, highlight a specific equation and it will give you step-by-step directions on how to solve it. Finally, they’re adding a ton of features to Google Meet and Classroom, like To-Do lists, Q&A and Poll tools and more, we have a detailed list in the links in the description.

US market saw that $1,000 flagship sales weren’t that great in Q2

Recently we’ve talked about smartphone sales for Q2 both globally and in China but now, Canalys just put out the numbers for the United States. Apple lead the way with 47% of the market while growing 10% and Samsung came in second with 23% but they declined by 1% when compared to last year. Next up we got LG, Lenovo and TCL to complete the top 5. What’s interesting here is that apparently $1000 flagships flopped and the average consumer paid around $500 for their smartphone. With unemployment, Canalys predicts that the sub-$400 segment will start heating up, making brands like Google grow with phones like the 4a.

Foxconn suggests that China could soon stop being the world’s factory

We have two separate news for Apple and they kinda intertwine so, bear with me here. According to Bloomberg and Foxconn, China will no longer be considered as the world’s factory for them. We know that Foxconn has been expanding their operations to other countries like India and on this report they stated that “No matter if it’s India, Southeast Asia or the Americas, there will be a manufacturing ecosystem in each of them”. China will still be a key location for them but they will no longer consider them their main factory. Foxconn’s current capacity outside of China is 30% so, we’re wondering if this transition will affect the iPhone 12’s timeline.

iPhone 12 camera lens supplier says production is running without issues

And speaking of the iPhone 12’s timeline, last week a new report from Ming Chi Kuo claimed that Apple was having some issues with their wide angle lens provider and that it could affect the launch date. Well according to DigiTimes, Genius Electric Optical just put out a statement of their own, where they said that their production is still running with no issues and that the demand from their client remains normal. And if they are having issues, Apple’s second supplier, Largan would have to step in and fill out the remaining orders. The only way the delay would actually happen is if Largan would fail to deliver these lenses if push comes to shove. This means that we should still expect that delay that Apple mentioned last week, but other than that we shouldn’t have to wait much more

Story of the day:

Microsoft Surface Duo released for $1,399, shipping starts September 10

After 11 months, Microsoft has finally launched the Surface Duo. It brings to 5.6-inch PixelSense Fusion displays which are connected by a 360-degree hinge which allows you to use both of them in different modes. It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM, either 128 or 256GB of storage and a 3577 mAh battery. It also brings a single 11MP shooter at f/2.0 which is capable of shooting 4K video at 60fps. It runs on Android 10 with a Microsoft skin on it which will bring pre-installed apps like One Note, One Drive and more but, it actually brings Microsoft 365 services. It’ll start shipping on September 10th and it will retail for $1399 on AT&T, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store.


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